I created this opening sequence for a friend, who took part of a competition for a science series called "Videologic". With my little help he won the competitio… more

Maxximum Sound

When you're producing movies there are two themes you dream to work with: Fast cars and massive explosions. CinemaxX asked for both. Introducing a new sound sys… more

Heiter bis tödlich

»Heiter bis tödlich« is a crime series in german television that doesn't take itself seriously at all. So was the production - a lot of fun… more

Weser Kurier

What I really love about this project is the fact that developing the idea for this spot was a really great dialogue and process with our client from »Weser Kurier«, a german Newspaper located in Bremen. And the Idea was simple...

Cinemaxx Concerts

You wanna see a concert live in the New York Metropolitan Opera? No problem, go for it!
Since 2013 CinemaxX offers the live-concert-experience in their own theatres, of course not quite the same...

Bild+ Bundesliga

I'm glad that I had the chance to direct this tv commercial, introducing Axel Springers BILDplus, the subscription model for their digital content. In addition to regular packages the subscriber also gets the chance...