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Our second official music video for the band SOOLO who is strolling through a completely empty city of Rotterdam. It was a great and inspiring time for all of us. And I fell in love with Rotterdam.

A film by Tristan Ladwein & Alexander Breker.

client: Warner Music & Pro7 Starwatch
direction / editing / vfx: Tristan Ladwein
direction of photography / vfx / grading: Alexander Breker
location scouting: Vincenco Onnembo

Four musicians, one studio and a marvellous live session with Sebó and Nico Suave at Boogie Studios. It was a real pleasure to accompany the guys with my camera - and indeed a lot of fun.

Thanks to Jeury Tavares and Wo Schröder for camera assistance.

In collaboration with Wo Schröder I had the honor to shoot a music video for Sebó and Nico Suave. Although there is no big story, we tried to visualize the drama of a relationship in powerful moving images of different locations, where our protagonists have been staged as desperate lovers.

production: Wo Schröder, Alexander Breker
direction / editing: Wo Schröder
direction of photography / grading: Alexander Breker
actress: Kim Kathrin Heuser
casting: Nadine Asari
camera assistant: Jeury Tavares
hair & make up: Chantal Bosum

In summer 2014 I got the chance to work with the great Udo Jürgens. He wanted me to create a concert opening animation for his upcoming „Mitten im Leben“-Tour in fall 2014.

We first met in June in Zürich for kicking off the project. And I have to say: „What a great guy, what a gentle and honorable man!!“ He was so interested in being part of the creative work - that was amazing. A man at that age with a moderate knowledge about 3D animation.
He also came up with the idea, visualizing all that places all over the world he has been visited and became something very special in his exciting life. Summarizing it was an exciting project, and I am very grateful that I had the chance to get to know him and to work with him.

The video is from his very last concert in Zürich on December 7th, 2014. 2 weeks later Udo Jürgens died of a heart attack at the age of 80.

Many thanks to Frank Kaminski, who came up with this project.