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EDEKA »Fairtrade Roses«

Hier ein kleines Gedicht zum Einstieg: 
 Rosen sind rot, Veilchen sind blau, ein Image-Film muss nicht immer nur Hard Facts kommunizieren, schau, schau. 
 Keine Sorge – für unsere Filmproduktion für EDEKA haben wir eine wesentlich poetischere Komposition

PHILIPS »This is my story«

An inspiring story about alpha-1-athlete KAREN SKÅLVOLL. We tip our hats to this extraordinary woman, who had decided to brave her lung disease and to fight her way back to a life with sports.

EDEKA »Project Citrus«

EDEKA and WWF are partners in sustainibility and share a common goal: to preserve the environment and natural life resources for future generations.

SOOLO Sieben Milliarden / Seven Billions OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Our second music video for the band SOOLO who is walking through an completely empty city of Rotterdam.
It was a great and inspiring time for all of us. And I fell in love with Rotterdam.

A film by Tristan Ladwein & Alexander Breker

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/157126581?portrait=0&title=0&byline=0&autoplay=0&loop=0&color=00adef" width="1920" height="810" frameborder="0" title="SEBO Meine Farbe UNPLUGGED" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Meine Farbe UNPLUGGED.

Meine Farbe UNPLUGGED.

Thanks to Jeury Tavares and Wo Schröder for camera assistance.

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SEBO feat. NICO SUAVE - Meine Farbe

In collaboration with Wo Schröder I had the honor to shoot a music video for Sebó and Nico Suave. Although there is no big story, we tried to visualize the drama of a relationship in powerful moving images of different locations, where our protagonists have been staged as desperate lovers.

Shot with Sony FS7 and Sony A7s.

production: Wo Schröder & Alexander Breker
direction / editing: Wo Schröder
direction of photography / grading: Alexander Breker
actress: Kim Kathrin Heuser
casting: Nadine Asari
camera assistant: Jeury Tavares
hair & make up: Chantal Bosum