EDEKA »Fairtrade Roses«

Hier ein kleines Gedicht zum Einstieg: 
 Rosen sind rot, Veilchen sind blau, ein Image-Film muss nicht immer nur Hard Facts kommunizieren, schau, schau. 
 Keine Sorge – für unsere Filmproduktion für EDEKA haben wir eine wesentlich poetischere Komposition

PHILIPS »This is my story«

An inspiring story about alpha-1-athlete KAREN SKÅLVOLL. We tip our hats to this extraordinary woman, who had decided to brave her lung disease and to fight her way back to a life with sports. This is the first episode, shot for PHILIPS Healthcare. More to come.

client: PHILIPS Healthcare agency: UDG United Digital Group production Tristan Ladwein & Alexander Breker direction / cinematography / grading: Alexander Breker production manager: Tristan Ladwein camera assistance: Jeury Tavares gaffer: Felix Plüddemann hair / make up: Tini Sager editing: Tristan Ladwe…


EDEKA »Project Citrus«

EDEKA and WWF are partners in sustainibility and share a common goal: to preserve the environment and natural life resources for future generations. Within the project »Sustainable water and biodiversity management of oranges« they are pursuing innovative approaches for sustainable production of food.

We had interesting conversations with real experts, who gave us insights about the background of this sustainibility project.