SONEPAR »Innovation Lab«

client: Sonepar S.A.
agency: Visionate Interactive
concept & production: BUZZ'N'FURY Studio
direction: Alexander Breker
3D animation: Tobias Wüstefeld & Simon Fiedler
2D Animation / Compositing: Alexander Breker

EDEKA »Fairtrade Roses«

client: EDEKA
concept & production: BUZZ'N'FURY Studio
direction: Alexander Breker
text & voice over: Jovanka von Wilsdorf
editing & grading: Alexander Breker

PHILIPS This is my story

client: Philips Healthcare
agency: UDG United Digital Group
production: BUZZ'N'FURY Studio
direction / dop: Alexander Breker
lighting: Felix Plüddemann
hair/makeup: Tini Sager
editing: Tristan Ladwein
grading: Alexander Breker

EDEKA »Project Citrus«

EDEKA and WWF are partners in sustainibility and share a common goal: to preserve the environment and natural life resources for future generations. Within the project »Sustainable water and biodiversity management of oranges« they are pursuing innovative approaches for sustainable production of food.

We had interesting conversations with real experts, who gave us insights about the background of this sustainibility project.