EDEKA »Fairtrade Roses«

Hier ein kleines Gedicht zum Einstieg: 
 Rosen sind rot, Veilchen sind blau, ein Image-Film muss nicht immer nur Hard Facts kommunizieren, schau, schau. 
 Keine Sorge – für unsere Filmproduktion für EDEKA haben wir eine wesentlich poetischere Komposition

PHILIPS »This is my story«

An inspiring story about alpha-1-athlete KAREN SKÅLVOLL. We tip our hats to this extraordinary woman, who had decided to brave her lung disease and to fight her way back to a life with sports.

EDEKA »Project Citrus«

EDEKA and WWF are partners in sustainibility and share a common goal: to preserve the environment and natural life resources for future generations.

EDEKA »Mit Liebe von Hand zu Hand«

The objective was to tell a story about 25 EDEKA "Eigenmarken" products in an entertaining and emotional way. Have a look at the enjoyable result!


He was so interested in being part of the creative work - that was amazing. A man at that age with a moderate knowledge about 3D animation.
He also came up with the idea, visualizing all that places all over the world he has been visited and became something very special in his exciting life.

Summarizing it was an exciting project, and I am very grateful that I had the chance to get to know him and to work with him. The video is from his last very concert in Zurich on December 7th, 2014. 2 weeks later Udo Jürgens died of a heart attack at the age of 80.

Many thanks to Frank Kaminski, who came up with this project.

//direction //animation //compositing
client: Udo Jürgens
producer: Frank Kaminski

SONEPAR »Innovation Lab«

client: Sonepar S.A.
agency: Visionate Interactive
concept & production: BUZZ'N'FURY Studio
direction: Alexander Breker
3D animation: Tobias Wüstefeld & Simon Fiedler
2D Animation / Compositing: Alexander Breker

Sennheiser HD599

Client: Sennheiser
Agency: Philipp & Keuntje
Direction: WoRilla
D.O.P.: Alexander Breker
Casting: Nadine Asari

SOOLO Sieben Milliarden / Seven Billions OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Our second music video for the band SOOLO who is walking through an completely empty city of Rotterdam.
It was a great and inspiring time for all of us. And I fell in love with Rotterdam.

A film by Tristan Ladwein & Alexander Breker

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/157126581?portrait=0&title=0&byline=0&autoplay=0&loop=0&color=00adef" width="1920" height="810" frameborder="0" title="SEBO Meine Farbe UNPLUGGED" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Meine Farbe UNPLUGGED.

Meine Farbe UNPLUGGED.

Thanks to Jeury Tavares and Wo Schröder for camera assistance.

#cinematography #studio #video #camera #music #unplugged #sebó #hiphop #rap #hamburg #fs7 #pop #a7s #mōvi #nicosuave #live #musicvideo

SEBO feat. NICO SUAVE - Meine Farbe

In collaboration with Wo Schröder I had the honor to shoot a music video for Sebó and Nico Suave. Although there is no big story, we tried to visualize the drama of a relationship in powerful moving images of different locations, where our protagonists have been staged as desperate lovers.

Shot with Sony FS7 and Sony A7s.

production: Wo Schröder & Alexander Breker
direction / editing: Wo Schröder
direction of photography / grading: Alexander Breker
actress: Kim Kathrin Heuser
casting: Nadine Asari
camera assistant: Jeury Tavares
hair & make up: Chantal Bosum

EDEKA The businessmen-business

Are you going to run an EDEKA supermarket? How it works and what it means for established merchants, we show in this little infomercial.
Many thanks to design studio BITMAPBOOGIE in Berlin, with whom I had the opportunity to work on this project.

client: EDEKA AG
production / creative direction: Alexander Breker
animation: Bitmapboogie
illustration: Thomas Gronle

EDEKA Wine, juices and baked goods

In 2015 I shot corporate documentaries for EDEKA's winery, the Rheinbergkellerei in Bingen, Sonnländer, a fruit juice specialist and Panem, a factory for bakery products. This is a little Best-Of-Edit of these three films.

client: EDEKA AG
production: Alexander Breker


A concept film for a sino-german city of Life Sciences, vitality and smart living in China. It's a combination of 3D animation done by MACINA DIGITAL FILM and stock footage. I did the editing and animation of the FIVE SPRINGS Logo.

client: AS&P Albert Speer & Partner GmbH
editing: Alexander Breker
3D animation: MACINA Digital Film
2D logo animation / sounddesign: Alexander Breker


As part of the EDEKA project "Mein Bayern" here is my latest documentary about a dairy factory in Bavaria.

client: EDEKA AG production: Alexander Breker